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         Gods Word : Psalm 9:10        About Saint Pentecostal Church         Jesus is my Saviour
Do you feel forsaken? Perhaps you've just forgotten: God is able. Just as he supplied mannaeach morning for the Israelites in the desert, he will supply for you. Seek him daily and trust him to provide everything you need.

Those who know your name will trust in you, 
for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you. 

. Pas.T.J.G. Abraham and G.Jeeva is the founder of the Saint Pentecoastal Church Ministry. They had a very tough life being torn by the ailments of poverty and had a vision to pray for the sick peoples .
. G.Jeeva conducts regular Women's Conferences in various Places. Several thousands of women pack the places where these conferences are conducted. It would be a spectacular scene of revival as she calls the women to a commitment during her altar call.

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Children in primary school should begin learning about religious beliefs, the Religious Education Council for England and Wales has said, responding to recent reports revealing that less than half of schools in England present adequate religious education.

The October 2013 study, titled "A Curriculum Framework for Religious Education in England," comes in response to a report published by Ofsted, the U.K.'s official body for inspecting schools, which revealed that religious education is being "squeezed out" and that schools have a confused "sense of purpose" when it comes to offering religious education.

"At its best, religious education encourages children and young people to extend their natural curiosity and prepares them for life in modern society,"said Michael Cladingbowl, Ofsted's director of schools.

"We saw some great examples of this during the survey, but too often we found religious education lessons being squeezed out by other subjects and children and young people leaving school with little knowledge or understanding of different religions."

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1 31/10/2013  Full Night Prayer
2 01/11/2013  Fasting Prayer
3 03/11/2013 Sunday Service
2 HE GIVES POWER TO THE WEAK, AND TO THOSE WHO HAVE NO MIGHT HE INCREASES STRENGTH. Isaiah 40: 29 Dear Father!I am so forlorn and feel terribly lonely. None seem to understand me. The troubles and turmoil in my life oppress me from all sides. Hear my cry, O God! My heart is overwhelmed with sorrow and I am so restless!Lord, the Scripture says that in Your presence there is fullness of joy. Let me feel Your sweet presence Lord! And let Your comforts delight my soul in the multitudes of my anxieties. I know You will sustain me because Your word says that You will renew the strength of the weary. I put my trust in thee alone, for only You can deliver me from this desolation. Father! Have compassion on me and make me glad by restoring in me Your matchless peace, joy and happiness. Thank You for listening to my plea Lord! In Jesus' name I pray.Amen.
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Pray for Kingdom of God

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